It's Not Monday,

but we're talking about money today!

Normally, Money Monday is about how to save or to get a great deal.

Since it's Wednesday, we're going to try something new and different for me.

We're going to talk about a splurge.

Tony and I are minor splurgers. 

We enjoy a dinner out.  We like having a babysitter come over.  Sometimes, I buy food at the grocery store I don't really need.

Yes, indeed, we really live large.

I'm not sure what overcame us. 

Maybe it is because we aren't homeschooling.  Or maybe because Tony works a lot of hours.  Could be that life in Panama is just changing us.  Or my general obsession with living every minute.

Who knows, but we both decided it was time for a splurge.

And not a chocolate-ice-cream-on-a-diet kind of splurge, but a life-is-too-short-to-not-be-crazy-once-in-a-while splurge.

So, come Christmas, my family of 6 will be heading on our first cruise!!!  Yes, indeed, we'll be cruising the Caribbean for 7 nights!

Tony and I have come to the agreement that travel is important to us.  We want to be able to show the kids as much of the globe as we can.  We had originally planned a trip to Greece over Christmas, but the economic and political climate there became too unsettling for us.  We decided that a cruise would be a nice way to introduce the kids to travel while still having the ease of naptimes and easy meals.  It's a trainer trip.

The kids were super excited to find out.  Ok, not exactly.  Chloe and Coralynn were excited.  (Coralynn is always whatever Chloe is.)  Carson and Camilla are too into the Titanic to think this is a good idea.  I'm hoping they warm up to the idea soon!

Because I'm me, I feel the need to say:
1.  We have the money set aside in savings to pay for this trip.
2.  We have no debt of any kind.

Remember, splurges are only fun if you can afford them, but don't let saving for tomorrow get in the way of living in today!


Janell Poulette said…
We are the same way. I guess when you live in a foreign country you have to splurge every once in a while when you see something you can't usually buy :) We are also going to take a cruise in December. It's definitely a splurge but I did find a deal :) I even got $50 cash back at Shop at Home :) I am just going with my husband to celebrate our 15th anniversary. We are gonna take the kids somewhere special while we are in Florida. Have fun!
panaMOM said…
Many congratulations to you!! Have a wonderful time!
lizbeth321 said…
Thanks! I typically feel guilty for splurges (in my over-analytical thinking)...but, if we do splurge, it doesn't put us into debt. Splurging doesn't make me a slave to the lender because I won't spend if I can't pay our bills. I hope to, one day, not even have a mortgage lender. I'm thankful for the freedom from debt that God has been faithful to honor and provide for. And if I get to splurge on some CFA or a date night, I should feel thankful, not guilty.
Leah said…
Hi Lisa! Would you believe that just last night I was looking for a cruise for us for Christmastime? Seems like I'm too late to get any good deals. Are you departing from Colon? I think it's great that you're splurging! Hope to see you soon!! Leah

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