Three-Thing Thursday!

Today is three things that make me happy:

1.  Birthday girl with beautiful flowers

2.  Jeans that touch the floor even when my 6ft self is wearing 3 inches heels.

3.  Bits's amazingly beautiful hair- right out of bed.


My dinner- creamy tomato basil pasta. Delish, I could eat myself sick.

School starting next week!

pretty polish on my toes.
Mandy D said…
You are awesome with that camera work! So proud! Mine are:

1. Squash spaghetti and everyone went back for seconds

2. Ending our first week of school still feeling relaxed and like it was quality

3. Clean bathrooms and an organized linen closet.
Jen said…
So I'm just curious, where did you find those long jeans? I'm a few inches away from 6 ft. and I have a hard time finding jeans I can wear heels with. Jen J
panaMOM said…
Hey Jen!!

The jeans are Gaps xlongs.

Those are the 1969 bootcut jeans.

I think it is these.

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