We're Home!

We left the house about 7 this morning for Coralynn's surgery- with a stop at the school to drop off the kids.  Everything went super well, and we couldn't be more pleased with the care Coralynn received at Punta Pacifica Hospital!

Losing patience waiting for Daddy to pay. 
(In case you were wondering, an adenoidectomy and tubes insertion will run you about $3100 in Panama.)

Being wheeled to the surgical floor.

She really liked the princess treatment!

Wow-Wow getting a turn in the wheelchair.

Holding onto the sweet nurse for dear life while being measured.

She LOVED her "tired little tiger" robe!

Parading out of the dressing room for everyone to appreciate her cuteness!

Looking at sweet nurse for explanation on shower cap.

Trying to figure out why sweet nurse put pinchy thing on her thumb. 

Coralynn's snazzy footie scrubs.

Coralynn was taken back for surgery at 9:22.  We were told the surgery would last between 60-90 minutes. 

Mommy's breakfast.
In a show of solidarity, I didn't eat anything before Coralynn's surgery, but once she was wheeled back, we got some food!

View from the waiting room. 
You might be a mommy when you enjoy the quiet of the waiting room.  I told Tony I was going to start coming to the hospital to read.  (I'm not sure if he heard me, though, because he was sound asleep.)

More of the waiting room view.

A nurse came out at 10:38 to let us know that surgery was complete.  We then had an opportunity to speak with the Dra.  She explained that Coralynn's ears were quite filled with a thick glue-like mucus, and that the right ear's fluid was infected.  She also discovered that the tonsils were infected so she was able to give her IV antibiotics during the surgery.  Coralynn stayed with the anesthesiologist (who had the cutest shoes!) for about 35 minutes.  We were able to go back and be with her at about 11:15.

In recovery. 
She was fairly restless for about 45 minutes in recovery.  And then she fell sound asleep.  At 12:15, she went from asleep to awake in about 3 seconds.  I couldn't believe how quickly it happened.

Headed back to the car. 
Still super groggy, she didn't enjoy this ride as much as the first time.

In the car headed home, and completely over me photographing her. 
(Notice that theme with my family?)

Settling in for an afternoon of Dora the Explorer!

Thank you all for your prayers during the surgery.  The path leading up to this day was highly twisting with lots of interesting turns in it.  Someday, maybe, I'll write a blog about all of that, but, for now, I'm going to stay in the place of total gratitude that Bits is home safely.


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