It's Thursday Afternoon.

The kids are all home from school.

We have nowhere to go the rest of the day.


Can you feel the relief?  The kids can.

They've all settled into being home like we've been on a month-long vacation.


Yesterday's doctor appointment for Coralynn went well.  Tonsils and tubes looked good.  Rash is some sort of allergic reaction, but no one is particularly concerned.

Coralynn slept all night Tuesday and Wednesday night.


The house is completely clean- thank you to my fabulous maid!

For the first time in... well, I can't remember the last time... I'm making a meal for us at home.

And then everyone can shower and go to bed.


Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of being home, together, and healthy!


Anonymous said…
Sure can't beat the "simple" pleasures and God's amazing blessings of peace and family-time.

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