Murphy has cleared customs!

And wow, everything that could go wrong, is.

Two weeks ago this past Thursday, Coralynn had her tube surgery.

One week later, she passed her check up.  The next day, she started complaining about her ears hurting.

Last Wednesday, Coralynn started anitbiotic drops.  By Thursday morning, she was great.  Last night, we could watch her get sick.  Now, she's running a temperature, and the tube in her right ear looks "wrong." 

She has an appoinment for Monday afternoon at 2:30.  Monday, AKA her 2nd birthday.

Monday at 3:30, Carson's soccer team plays their last game, and then they are coming over here for an ice cream party.

One week ago, my van's check engine light came on.

Today, Tony dropped it off at the dealership and ran 3.5 miles home.  We went back to the dealership 4 hours later. 

They hadn't looked at the van yet, and they will try to get to it on Monday.

I called National Rental car.  They had no vehicles that would fit us unless I wanted to drive the mini bus.

No thank you.

We drove to the Alamo rental car location.  Asked if they had a 6-passenger vehicle.  They said, "no."  I begged.  They found a van.  I said, "thank you."

Yes, it's been one of those weeks! 

But, I'm thankful. 

My Bits maybe sick, but she has an appointment to see the doctor.  Yes, the appointment is completely going to interfere with going to Carson's soccer game, but Tony is able to take off work so he can take her if necessary.  And the sub10 soccer party is going to interfere with Coralynn's 2nd Birthday celebration, but she'll still get to have ice cream and spend time with other kids.  Those kids have become like her other big brothers, and I think she'll be thrilled to celebrate with them!

So, Murphy might have taken up residency here, but he won't end our praise.


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