The past 60 hours...

Have not gone exactly as planned. 

We were hoping to celebrate Coralynn's birthday Monday, but a trip to the ENT revealed that she has some swollen, ouchy tonsils.  She was also sporting quite the impressive viral rash.

Monday, as well as being Coralynn's birthday, was Carson's last soccer game and ice cream party at our house. It was so much fun having all the kids and their families over to celebrate the hard work of these kids.
Carson and Coach Steven

By the time we drove all over Panama to get to Bits' appointment and the soccer game and then had the party, it was late and we weren't in the birthday partying mood.  We made the decision the party was going to happen Tuesday night. 

Tony's car decided to go nuts, so the mechanic ended up coming out Monday night to pick up the car.  This meant that Coralynn and I had to take Tony to work.  I went to bed believing that I would be getting Coralynn up at 7am to get Tony to work and the kids to school.

She had other plans.

At 11:00pm, as I was going to sleep, Coralynn began screaming.  When I went in to her room, she was clearly miserably uncomfortable.  I ended up just putting her in bed with me so she could get some cuddle comfort.  That worked for a while, but she ended up sleeping on the couch with Tony all night. 

7:00 am Tuesday morning came very early.  We took the kids to school, and then we returned the rental van.  Because the traffic was nuts, we decided to walk from the rental car company to the Toyota dealership to pick up my van.  I'm sure we were quite the sight.  Tony was carrying his work bags, lunch box, and Coralynn's carseat.  I had my purse, the diaper bag, and Coralynn who was still wearing her pajamas and Camilla's flip flops. 

Fortunately, the car was fixed and ready to go.

Unfortunately, Coralynn clearly didn't feel good.

(I did really appreciate her giving me a smile.)

We made it home from the adventures about 9:15.  I decided that we needed to run to the mall to get a birthday present for the Birthday Bits.  That was a huge mistake.  Coralynn was too tired to behave.  We made it through one store, but the second store pushed Coralynn over the edge.  And she screamed for the next 15 minutes.

She did stay pleasant long enough to get some stylin' new flip flops!

After the screaming, Coralynn took a 3-hour nap.  She woke up in better sorts, and we picked up the kids from school.  At 4:30, we left to get Tony from work.  At 5:22, we came to the traffic.

This is the traffic crossing the street.  It's 4-cars wide (more in some places), and we are trying to get into a 3-lane road.

That's the traffic on the main road we are trying to cross through.  They were 4-cars wide.  And there is  no traffic light or traffic sign to direct any of this.  We sat in this block wide area for 45 minutes.  I finally called Tony and asked if he'd be willing to walk to where we were.  He agreed.  He walked the 6 city blocks to find us 3 car lengths farther down the street.  2 hours later, we made it to the restaurant. 

Another incredibly long day made us want to cancel the party, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it.  At 8pm, when we finally got home, we had cupcakes and sang to Coralynn.


Chloe was stunned to actually find a 2 candle in our box of party stuff.

Coralynn letting us sing to her.

Blowing out the candle.


Happy Birthday Coralynn Mae!

This afternoon, we are heading to the pediatrician to follow up on some concerns the ENT wanted checked.  We don't anticipate anything serious, but my nerves are shot so we'd appreciate prayers!!


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