51 Weeks Ago,

We adopted Cosita.

We like to refer to that choice as the Worst Decision We've Ever Made.

In our optimistic moments, we reflect on what a blessed life we've lived that our worst decision is the dog.

Most of the time, we just look for life's rewind button.

We haven't found it.

Cosita is very difficult.  VERY difficult.

We hired a very good trainer.  VERY good.

She said Cosita is the worst dog she's ever tried to train.

Cosita has some ugly moments.  And, 8 days ago, she had a VERY ugly moment.

The trainer came over, and we thought we would have to put the dog down.

First, we decided to run some blood work.

We found out on Monday that the dog has hypothyroid which may be causing some/all of Cosita's issues.

She began taking medicine Tuesday night. 

It's Friday, and I'm not sure if I see improvement.  Maybe?

Just wanted to give you a puppy dog update.

Hopefully, within the next few days, we will see huge improvements.

I will keep you posted.


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