That Awkward Moment

when you realize you can't discipline your child because you are laughing too hard at her.

Tony:  Coralynn, you need to sit down and eat.
Bits:  Nuh-uh.  I tan do nennieting I want.  (Not uh.  I can do anything I want)
*said with that sly smile of someone testing her boundaries*
Tony:  Excuse me?  You need to sit down and say, "Yes, sir."
Bits:  Nut-uh.  Doze aren't duh madgic words.  (Not uh.  Those aren't the magic words.)

Later on in the meal, she was still talking.

Coralynn:  I dot 9 friends.  (I got 9 friends.  Everything is 9 for Coralynn.)
Me:  Who are they?
Coralynn:  Dey duh onez whoz a little bit happy.  (They [are] the ones who are a little bit happy.)
Me:  What are their names?
Coralynn:  Lilla, RowE, Dartson, SeatSeat Cosita, Lisa and Tony.  On no- not Lilla.
Me:  Why not Lilla?
Coralynn:  Cuz she's not a little bit happy.  *look of total exasperation that I'm not getting it.*

(P.S.  Yes, we do parent her, but we love listening to that little personality emerging.)


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