The power went out about 2:30 this afternoon and still was out when we had dinner at 5:00.  When the power came back on around 6, we decided to make some baked potatoes in the microwave.  We RARELY use the microwave, but I didn't want to wait an hour for the potatoes in the oven.  I washed, cleaned, and stabbed two potates.  I popped them in the microwave, hit the "baked potato" button, and went to my room to check my favorite facebook shopping site.

I heard Chloe say, "Is something burning," so I went to have a look.  I wasn't but a few feet out of my room when I smelled smoke.  A few more steps, and I saw smoke billowing down the hallway, over the door, and out of the microwave.

I quickly shut the microwave off, and we started airing out the house.  Needless to say the potatoes were well past done...

as was the microwave...


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