8:35 PM

3 years ago tonight, we were enjoying "Mrs. Angie's" chicken with dear friends.

3 years ago tonight, we returned the kids whom we kept overnight because their parents needed to visit a niece in critical condition.

3 years ago tonight, I thought I had 3 more weeks of pregnancy to go.

3 years ago tonight, I, unknowingly, spent my last night as an expectant momma.

Tonight, I spend my last night with a two-year-old daughter sleeping in my house.

Tonight, I fight the melancholy of a mom who isn't quite ready for tomorrow.

She's going to be three tomorrow.  She's so excited.  She and Camilla have been watching the calendar since they turned the page to May.  Bits wants to wear *the* shirt.

I'm not ready to give up to my toddler.   I prefer to enjoy the last moments of her Terrible Twos- which lacked the terrible part.  She's all personality, and I love every bit of her.   I leave you with the last pictures of two-year-old Coralynn Mae.  Love you, Bits!


Elizabeth said…
Happy Birthday Coralynn!! And hugs to your sweet mama!

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