So easy a 10-year-old could do it!

Tony has been working late this week, so Chloe decided she was taking over the cooking.  (That sounds like Tony cooks.  Um.  No.  We're more flexible in what we eat when Tony doesn't come home for dinner so that was a good opportunity to try her hand at making dinner.)

Tonight, she pulled out Chloe's Kitchen, her favorite vegan cookbook.  She settled on a baked mac n cheese recipe.  I wasn't sure she would pull it off, but she surprised all of us!

Slaving away over the hot stove!

Hot out of the oven!



Erica said…
That's the best vegan mac and cheese I've tried. Have you tried the double decker burgers yet? They are good. Every recipe I've made from that book is awesome, not one that we don't like. :)
panaMOM said…
I'm still not sure I can handle that much nutrtional yeast. It's an acquired taste that I haven't completely acquired!

We do love Chef Chloe and her books. Do you have the new one?

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