Random Photos

I got the blog in before the end of the day!  Whew!

It has been such an odd day- did your day start with an email about a toxic cloud over the city where you live?- that I'm not up to blogging.  Here are a few random pictures from recent life.

We've been working hard on our vegan diet, and this was a great success.  It was a gnocchi recipe from Happy Herbivore Abroad.  Vegan is very yummy!

When I was taking pictures of Camilla's new one-tooth-less smile, Coralynn insisted in getting in on the action.  This is officially an out take.

This picture isn't very good, but do you see the spoiled puppy with her head propped up on the pillow?  This is the same puppy that isn't allowed on the furniture.  Life's tough for Cosita.


jonny jones said…
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