(sorry about missing yesterday- we had a busy day, and I forgot about the blog.)

Sunday afternoon is chill time at our house.

Chloe paints.

Carson reads.

Camilla watches TV.

I play on the computer.

Tony works.

Coralynn naps.

Except when she doesn't.

I was reading on my kindle, and I heard a soft clinking noise.

The girls went to check on the dog because we assumed she'd gotten into something.

Nope, she was fine.


Figuring it was something on TV, I went back to my book.

More clinking.

I didn't see anything.

Tony was in the playroom right next to Coralynn's room, so I assumed he had that side of the house under control.

The clinking was getting louder.

I got up to find the sound.

I turned the corner, and the clinking was definitely coming from Coralynn's room.

Tony was listening to his ipod.  That explains it.

I opened Coralynn's door.

And found this...

Coralynn was in the dark, in the closet, and in trouble.  She was playing with the tea set instead of napping.

I started to scold her, and I looked down at her.  She hadn't lifted her head.  She was playing "asleep." 

Tony comes in, and she remained perfectly still.

I could just imagine what was going on in her little brain.  Don't move- they'll never notice.  Stay quiet, and they'll leave.
I had no choice.  I just burst into laughter.  I couldn't stop laughing.  That deep, from the belly, laughing. Tony joined me.  No, her being disobedient isn't funny, but, come on.  I take plenty of time to correct her.  This just needed laughter.
Eventually, we asked her to put her head up and look at us.  She slowly looked up and slowly smiled. 
Daddy took her to the bathroom, and put her back in bed in spite of her tears and objections.
Sometimes, you just have to laugh.


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