Last Day at Sea- Cruise Review!

Picture of the hallway and elevators courtesy Chloe.
Our last day on the boat was a day at sea.  We spent the morning leisurely going to breakfast, playing on the water slides, and getting ready to leave.  The kids went to Camp Carnival in the afternoon to learn some dance moves for the show they were to participate in later that day.
One of the dance groups was a Break Dancing group called Fun Force.  We'd seen them perform two other times, and they were a family favorite.  They taught the kids some dance moves that they got to perform in the theatre on stage.  It was too cute, and Carson, in particular, loved it.
He is a miniature version of my Grandpa G.  Grandpa G. would talk to anyone anywhere about anything.  Many of my childhood memories are of Grandma trying to get him to stop talking to everyone.  Carson would make Grandpa proud with his need to chat up total strangers.
Of course, this meant that we had to go chat with Fun Force after the show.  He and Tony stood in line, and Carson got the opportunity to tell Poppin' Jon from Texas how much he liked his robot moves.  Tony was pleased to report that Poppin' Jon told Carson that it took a lot of practice to get that good.  (Tony likes a good hard work comment.)
After they chatted for a moment, Tony was able to get a picture of Carson with Fun Force- a picture that Carson has asked me every hour since it was taken when I could get it printed for him to hang in his room.
Carson with Fun Force.
(Poppin' Jon is on Carson's right)

The Encore! Lounge where the shows were held.
After the Fun Force performance, the kids headed back to Camp Carnival for a Farewell Party and Movie night.  Tony and I got a last opportunity to spend the evening together, and all 6 of us had a wonderful final night of cruising.
Going into the week, I had no idea what to expect, but I truly can't believe just how well the week did go!  It was a reminder to all of us just how much we enjoy being a family and being together. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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