Isla Roatan, Honduras.

December 26.  Day 5.
Without question, the most beautiful place we visited was
Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan, Honduras.
After two days of more active excursions, we were very excited for our Roatan plans-
laying on the beach at Parrot Tree Resort.

Tony and Chloe pulling up with the kayak.

The younger three playing in the smooth, clear waters of the resort's lagoon.

The boat has arrived, and everyone enjoyed the kayak!

Camilla working her paddle pose!

Chloe wasn't feeling very well, so she was particularly glad that the day's activity was sit on the beach for 4 hours.

Carson taking his turn on the kayak.

After Camilla got a very bad burn shortly after we moved to Panama, we've learn to take sun protection seriously.  Sunscreen, rash guards, and hats
equalled no burns for us! 

Coralynn loved being in shallow water so she could play freely instead of needing to be held or in her floaties!

The gorgeous Parrot Tree Resort.

Of course, Chloe's toes in the water in Roatan!

I love it when life looks like a postcard,
and I don't think that was more true than in Roatan.

Our mandatory heading-back-to-the-boat group photo.  We all had so much fun in this gorgeous place!

As she did many days, Coralynn climbed into bed and collapsed asleep when we returned to the boat.  We never put her in bed.  She always did it herself!


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