Cruise Review- Costa Maya, Mexico!

December 27 found us porting in Costa Maya, Mexico, on a very grey morning.  We were able to disembark at 7:30.  Our excursion left at 8:30 so we decided to hang out on the boat until closer to 8:00.  When we did leave, the weather was very cool, windy, and rainy.  I was very thankful that Costa Maya wasn't our beach day.  Instead, we headed to the Mayan ruins.

The Chacchoben ruins were an hour bus ride from the port.  We had a very chatty tour guide who won't be added to my Christmas list anytime soon, but the trip went smoothly, and the kids were very excited about seeing the ruins.

These ruins are much smaller than the Chichen Itza, another Mayan ruin location that I visited in high school.  Chacchoben was a beautiful location, though, and by the time we got there, the sky had cleared, and it was a beautiful day.

My family in tennis shoes.

Find Carson.

There's Camilla!

Okay- I'm so sorry to the lady in the picture,
but it is just too cute of a shot of Chloe to pass up.

Tony and a getting-tired Coralynn

I know you were waiting for it!
Chloe's toes on the ruins!

The Middles.

While we were walking through the ruins, someone spotted some monkeys.  The entire tour group spent the next 10 minutes trying to help Coralynn find them in the trees.  Eventually, she did find them, and she spent the rest of the tour saying,
 "I sawed Mondee ah-ah up der." 
(Translation, I saw Monkey *monkey sound* up there.)

The boat left port earlier on Thursday than any other day,
so we were onboard by 1:00pm. 
That gave us time to play! 
 I desperately wanted to dance with Tony,
 but the time was never right, so I danced with the girls instead.

Chloe played with my camera and got some fun shots.  This one of Camilla.

And this is her laying on the ground and taking a picture up the atrium.  The white windows on the left side of the pictures are the elevators.

I had to take this picture of the towel rabbit because I have a special friend in Georgia who has a special love for rabbits!

Sitting in the window.

The kids went to Camp Carnival for part of the evening where they had a coloring contest.  Carson won a sunglasses case for this FunShip Freddy hat!

And, Chloe just has a serious need to pose.  In this case, she's posing with the shirt she decorated at Camp!


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