Christmas Day Review!!

Christmas Day we were super excited about heading to Belize City, Belize.  The stop in Belize was the reason I selected this particular cruise, and Camilla was beyond pleased that we were going to the zoo.  I didn't even realize that cruises had excursions to zoos, but they did, and we had a great time!  With little doubt, our stop in Belize made us completely fall in love with the country.  Tony quickly decided that his company needs to set up operations in the beautiful locale!  The place was absolutely stunning, and the people were so warm.  We definitely loved Belize!
Because of the shallow waters and lack of a pier, the cruse ship is unable to port in Belize so we had to take tenders- small taxi boats- to the mainland. 

The tenders were the only motion-sickness-inspiring moments of the trip.

We eventually made it to the zoo, and Chloe had an opportunity to take a picture of her feet on the ground in Belize.

During the drive to the zoo, our tour guide let us know that we would have an opportunity to hold a baby Boa.  I was pumped.  13 years ago, I was teaching a high school English class, and a student brought her baby Boa to show me.  She asked if I wanted to hold it.  I said yes, took it, it moved, and I started to scream like a total girl.  I was pleased to have the opportunity to redeem myself.  And, I did.  The snake was super cool.  I asked the rest of the family if they wanted to hold it, too.  One of them did.

Coralynn, snake, tour guide

Black panther.
I don't love zoos because they seem so unfair, but this zoo was different.  The animals seemed so much happier, and a couple of them were definitely showing off for us.


(This is with no zoom.  He's really that close.)


I was definitely sad when it was time to head back to the boat.  Our tour guide said that once you visit Belize, you'll always want to return.  She was right.  We want to go back!

During Christmas dinner, a gentleman, another cruiser, 
came up and insisted that he needed to take our picture.
So he did, and this is it!

We'd been hearing rumors of snow all week, and on Christmas night, it did snow on the Carnival Dream.  Definitely a fun touch!


Elizabeth said…
So, Coralynn is more of a woman than I am holding that snake!! LOL I have no desire to have your first or redeeming second opportunity!
Anonymous said…
I've been to that zoo! We LOVE Belize! My husband trusted Christ as Savior while on a trip to Belize, and it has held a special place in his heart ever since. Love the pictures. Your family is beautiful.


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