Some praises!

1.  I got to spend yesterday doing some prebirthday shopping, and then I met Tony for lunch.  I'm not a huge fan of "me" time, but I enjoyed the little break!

2.  A friend let me know that her organic chicken source had called, and chickens were available.  Even though I would prefer not to ever eat or serve meat, I'm thrilled to have 6 organic chickens in my freezer!

3.  I have recovered from a weekend of tummy upset!

4.  We hired a new maid, and she is doing a great job.  It is so nice to enjoy this perk of living in Panama.  It's even nicer that Coralynn really likes her!

5.  Carson has become more amazing in the past 6 months or so than I thought possible.  After years of struggling with him, life is easy, and I'm loving all these stress-free moments with him!

6.  Bible study last week was amazing.  The Lord sweetly spoke and healed much of the confusion in my heart.  Sunday, Tony went to church and had an amazing encounter with the Lord.  Nothing- absolutely nothing- is as precious as sweet personal interactions with Jesus.

7.  Camilla Rose.  First Grader.  Seriously, this child is so cool.  She spent her first 5 years of life as a passive observer.  Well, I guess she figured everything out because I can't get over what all she has to say and the outlook she has.  She's no longer my little Rosie Toesy.  She's Camilla Rose.  First Grader.


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