No fluff today.

I've got too much real stuff on the brain.  Too much for one blog post; not enough for multiple posts.

It's one of those mental moments that there is no straightening out.  It doesn't make sense.  No amount of pondering will clarify anything.

It's one of those times when all I know is Jesus.

The circumstances are bizarre.  The players are bizarre.  The hurt is bizarre.

But, Jesus is real.

And He knows and cares.

I'm pretty much hung up on that.

He knows and cares.

Why do we, Christians, so easily understand that Jesus knows, but so struggle with believing that He cares?

He loves us so much, and we just can't get it.  Or we don't get it.  Or we won't get it.

I am so thankful that finally, at 34 years old, I get the Jesus loves me.

He loves me so much more than toddler "Jesus loves me" music.

He's real.  He lives.  He loves.

He loves me.

And I couldn't be more thankful.


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