Best Present Ever!

I've been hinting for a few weeks about the amazing birthday present I received.  In August.  6 weeks ago.  Even though my birthday wasn't until today.

In late August, the kids and I were sitting around on a regular Sunday afternoon.  Nothing really going on.  The big kids were watching TV, Bits was sleeping, Tony was working, and I was one with the laptop.  One of those nothing-much kind of days. 

I had been pondering with myself what I wanted to do for my birthday.  Last year, my bff from Georgia flew to Panama to celebrate with me.  We had a ton of fun, and I wanted to do something memorable again.  But, what?

Out of the blue, Chloe said, "I want to go to Los Angeles."  Um, why?  "Because I've seen all these shows about the restaurants there.  I want to try some of them."  She, unknowingly, hit all the right buttons.  Vacation.  Check.  With Chloe.  Check.  To Eat.  Check.  In Los Angeles.  Check.

Yes, my dear, we will go to Los Angeles.

But, here is the amazing present part.  For those of you who are new to the blog, I'm a bit not Type A.  (I like to say that I'm Type A-.)  I love all things spur of the moment.  It doesn't really matter what it is, if it's spontaneous, I'm in love. 

And Tony is a bit Type A.  Okay, he's super Type A.  Poster child for Type A.  Way Type A Type A.   I once told him to be more spontaneous.  He wrote it in his planner for a few weeks out- "Be spontaneous for Lisa."  I think he called during work that day.  And was quite pleased with his "crazy behavior."

With all that in mind, I started checking airfare on Monday morning.  Just to see.  Because I knew we couldn't be gone long, I looked at the airline that has direct flights sincerely expecting my cheapness to kick in.  Much to my surprise, the airline was running a special, and the flights were half what we normally pay to fly to Atlanta.  I put them on hold and called Tony.

And, he gave me the gift of spontaneity for my birthday.  He said that yes we could go and yes he would take off the time from work to make it happen for me.  For Chloe and me.  For my birthday.   I then contacted my brother, who lives in LA, and checked with him for those dates.  All was a go.

I picked the kids up from school on Wednesday.  Chloe always sits in the front seat so she slid in next to me.  I smiled.  "Hey Chloe.  I booked it."  Booked what?  "The trip to California."  Seriously!?!?  We're really doing that!?!? 

Yes, baby, we're really doing that.  In 13 days, Chloe and I will be headed to bright, sunny Southern California.  And you know you've been living in Panama when you plan a trip to Los Angeles in October and are hopeful for cooler weather than at home!  Happy Birthday to Me!


How awesome! That will be such a wonderful gift to you and Chloe, a time you'll never forget.
Melissa said…
I've been pondering a similar idea, but mine may involve Panama. Getting a new passport that I'm itching to try out. We should chat :)
panaMOM said…
Oh please! Please, please, please come for a visit! We should definitely chat!!!
Lesa said…
What an awesome birthday present. Hope you enjoy your sweet time together!

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