Getaway Review- Thursday!!

Well, we should probably start on Wednesday because that's when everything got interesting.  I sat down Wednesday morning to print off our boarding passes.  As I was on Copa's website, I saw that you had to read and click the rules about leaving Panama.

When I did, I realized that I didn't have the required Spanish translations for Chloe's birth certificate.  I knew they needed the birth certificate, but I had no idea I was supposed to have notarized translations.  Cue panic.  I called Tony, and he immediately called our attorneys.  That was noon.  At 3:30, the attorney's office delivered what we needed to Tony at work.  Cue relief.

Thursday morning, we got up at 5:00 to be ready to leave at 6:00.  Our fabulous neighbor came over at 6 to send the kids to the other neighbor's house for a ride to school and to stay with the baby until my household helper arrived. 

We had no problem getting to the airport and were soon in the line for security.  Fortunately, we had exactly what we needed, and we made it through relatively smoothly.  By 7:40, we were waiting at our gate for the 9:40 flight.

Our snacks- wanna guess who got what?

Me and Chloe- waiting to board!

Chloe with her first purchase- a neck pillow!

Lunch is served- Chloe had the kosher option.

My fruit meal.

The snack- the sandwich on the left is the normal snack.  The rest of the food is Chloe's kosher snack.

The flight left on time and just a few 6.5 hours later, we landed in Los Angeles!  Unfortunately, LAX needs some serious customs lessons from ATL.  We did finally get through it all and found Uncle Tim!  He drove us to the hotel, and we got our first glimpses of the sights of the city- including the Hollywood sign.  Chloe was enthralled!

Uncle Tim and Chloe outside the airport!

My picture of Chloe taking pictures on the drive to the hotel.

CBS studios across from the hotel!

The parking meters accept credit cards.  I love it!

At the hotel- the Farmer's Daughter!
Because our time in the city was so short, we decided not to rest or regroup.  We checked in to the hotel and immediately walked across the street to the Farmers Market and The Grove for some shopping.

Uncle Tim and Chloe.  And a scarecrow.  At the Farmers Market.

The Vegan cookbook section at Barnes & Noble.  B&N was quite the highlight for Chloe and me.  She was gitty with excitement at all the books in English, and I was thrilled to finally get to flip through some of the vegan cookbooks I've been eyeing on Amazon.

Outside Cheesecake Factory and the movie theaters.

Movie premiere!

Aunt Susan joined us just as we were finishing up at Barnes & Noble.

My amazing sister-in-law and the best big bro EVER!  Tim and Susan- I love these two!

Cheesecake!  I was thrilled to remember that pumpkin cheesecakes come out in October. 
(Obviously, I'm not completely vegan!)

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel.  It was about 9:45 when we said goodnight to Tim and Susan.  After almost 19 hours of travel and fun, Chloe and I were ready for bed!

Rubber duckies in the hotel pool!


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