Shouldn't Make the Cut

Since returning from Panama, I've spent the majority of the last 3 days uploading and organizing photos.  I took 781 in 3 weeks with my snazzy new camera.  That's a lot of photos to deal with, and I've been trying to determine which pictures should go on the blog, which should go into my Shutterfly album, and which should just be deleted.

In that process, I came to realize that I love a slightly off photo.  Maybe I've spent too much time over at Awkward Family Photos.  Or maybe I love the "realness" of not perfect pictures.  You know, I am a fan of transparency.  But, I love a smile covered by crazy Bits hair or Camilla rolling her eyes, as she is known to do.  I want my pictures to look like the people looked.  I don't want them to look like Olan Mills models.

Good thing, too.  With 781 photos, I have a lot of slightly-off photos.  So, here, with my apologies to the subjects, are some of our outtakes that I just couldn't let be forgotten...

The kids love VBS and Music Week, but the Music Week performance doesn't start until 7:30.  That's way too late after a busy week, and Coralynn was done.  How often do you get the bottom of someone's foot and her hairbow in the same picture?

If that doesn't scream, "WELCOME TO ILLINOIS!" I don't know what does.  Nothing better than making your loved ones stare into the sun while trying to get a picture!

Why, oh why, do we take family pictures right before we are getting ready to leave?  It was 90 degrees, we'd been playing outside, and it was well past bedtime.  Hot, sweaty, tired, (electrocuted-what is up with Carson?) and over it.  I'm thinking this isn't going to make the Christmas card!

Coralynn didn't want to stop touching the miniblinds.  She didn't want to keep her hands to herself.  She didn't want to stop screaming.  So, she hid under my chair.  The true picture of two-year-old greatness.

7:00am on Saturday after being at the swimming pool until 10:00pm Friday.  Coralynn is half asleep, Camilla is in no mood for pictures, and Grandma lost the ability to stand up straight.  Quite the 5k cheering squad!

At the Lincoln Presidential Museum, Chloe making her official 9-year-old-are-you-kidding-me face.  As she enters being 10, I wonder if we'll get to see this face again.  Yes, dear, go stand by the young Lincoln pondering wax figure so I can take your picture.

Camilla loves playing dress up, and she loves a good facial expression.  She is my facial expression master.  This is the perfect example of Camilla thinking something is taking too long and below her.  "Come on, Mom, take the picture already.  The delay is muting my cuteness."

Dad as Abraham Lincoln. 
I have no further words.


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