Race Day!

After a month of training, race day arrived this morning.

I saw this Adidas shirt in June and fell in love with the slogan.  Tony surprised me by buying it for me as a pre-race gift.  I was super excited!

We got up about 5:45 this morning to make sure we were all ready to run for the bagel!

Pre-race pose. 

The plan was for Tony to run with Carson and for me to run alone. 

Carson had a different plan.  He started like a bullet, and Tony stayed wth him assuming that Carson would tire out.  Before long, it became clear that Carson wasn't going to slow down. Tony decided to just let him run.  And run he did!  Carson finished the 3.1 miles in 26:17!

Tony settled in to his run and did a great job.  He finished in 27:12.

Tony and I ran a practice race on Wednesday, and we finished in 35:45.  I didn't love that time, and I was especially bummed that I walked for a part of it.  I determined a 2-part goal.  First, I wanted to finish under 33 minutes, and, secondly, I wanted to run the whole time.  I am THRILLED to tell you that I did run the whole time, and I finished in 32:05. 

Post-race picture.

We stayed for the results in the hopes that maybe Carson would finish well enough in his age bracket (sub 10) to earn recognition.  The top 4 finishers earned a trophy.   And we were all so excited that Carson earned...

4th place! 

He finished behind one 10 year old and 2- 9 year olds.

Watching him run up there with pure excitement made my entire day!

Way to Go, Carson David!!


Rebecca Auble said…
AWESOME! Great job!!
Karen Garrett said…
Wow! I am impressed! You look great, and as a former track coach I say, "Great job, Carson!"

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