A Poem

(with my apologies to Clement Moore)

'Twas the night before vacation, when all through our home
The kids were all awake, and trying to roam.
The suitcases were tucked in the trunk- so neat.
Getting them all to fit was quite a great feat!

Finally, with teeth brushed and lovins' from Dad,
the kids settled into their beds feeling glad, 
Because tomorrow they would all board the plane, 
Heading for Georgia to see friends once again.

Friends still familiar in sweet open hearts.
Friends their heads try to remember- forgetting some parts.
Whom will they see?  And what different might they find?
The questions of an expat child's mind.

The parents, quietly in the still of the night,
ponder the time since they last took this flight.
12 months ago, oh how much time has passed!
Friendships exist that were uncertain to last.

An awareness creeps over the finally still soul,
the awareness the Lord has kept us whole.
This trip to the States is more than vacation,
it's a reminder that love crosses the nations.

To those whom we will see in the next few days,
Being together leads our hearts to praise!
And to those whom we won't be able to see,
Please know that together we wish we could be.

We climb into bed as the yawns start to surge.
I drift to sleep as visions of friends emerge.
Knowing that reunions are so sweetly right,
I say, "I will see you tomorrow night!"


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