A Bit of an Update.

Hey all!  I know it's been a while since I've posted, so I wanted to take this oppportunity to give a little update.

Monday, July 2

6:00 am- Left our apartment and headed to the airport.
6:30 am- Arrived to the airport
7:00 am- Finally made it through to check our baggage.   During this process, the Delta representative asked me if any of my children were Panamanian born.  I said, "No," and she said, "ok- great."  Turned out the conversation was going to take an interesting turn.
7:15am- Finish our goodbyes to Tony, and headed to document check so we could go through security.  I had earlier asked him to wait for us to make it through before he left.  Good thought on my part.
7:16am- I'm stopped in document checking.  New law, and I need copies of the kids' birth certificates.  I don't have them.
7:25am- Tony is on the phone with our attorney's office trying to figure out a way to get the paperwork we need.
7:30am- Carson is in tears, and I feel tears welling up in my eyes.
7:35am- Tony remembers that he has the birth certificates scanned and saved on his computer.  Miraculously, the security people say that will work.
7:45am- Tony returns from the car with his laptop.  He starts digging for the documents.
7:55am- We are quickly running out of time, and the internet connection isn't working.  Chloe and I are storming heaven with our pleas.
8:00am- Tony finds the documents.  Security, miraculously, allows us to go through while they sort out the situation.
8:05am- QUICKLY say goodbye to Tony, and try to head through security.
8:06am- Stopped in security because Coralynn's carseat is too big to fit through the machines.  Carson is fighting back tears again.
8:10am- The security people find a bigger x-ray scanner and approve Coralynn's seat.  We hurriedly put our shoes back on. The sprint to the gate is on...
8:15am- We make it to the gate as they are boarding the plane.  Several other travellers offer their services to help us get situated.  Love how the Lord gives you angels when you need them!
8:20am- We finally take our seats on the plane.  Chloe and I have a mini worship service in row 26.  I canNOT believe we made the flight. 
8:30am- The flight is in the air.  We made it.  We really made it.
8:30am- 1:15pm  Flight is in the air.  Coralynn does a good job of staying in her buckled carseat.  I laugh to myself because the stranger sitting with Carson and Camilla is super talkative.  I can't remember the last time Carson was outtalked!
1:15pm- Flight lands.  I explain to the kids that we are going to be the last people off the plane.  I get Coralynn out of her carseat.  She's sopping wet.  I guess Pampers aren't supposed to last 8 hours.
1:17pm- We begin the walk to customs.  It feels like we're walking to Alabama.  A sweet employee offers to get the golf cart for us.  I happily accept the offer.  Chloe is mortified.  I ignore Chloe's complaints and remove the 25lb carseat from my back.  Chloe can cope.
1:45pm- We finally arrive at customs.  Thankfully, this goes better than the Panamanian experience.  I'm loving southern hospitality.
2:30pm-  We go to baggage claim.  We're the last people to get there from our flight.  I look for our bags.  Only 3 of the 4 have made it.
2:35pm- More southern hospitality- an airport employee does a quick search with a great attitude and finds out that our bag is still in Panama.  She directs us to baggage services.
3:00pm- I file a claim for our bag.  I'm assured it will arrive on Tuesday.  No big deal. 
3:15pm- The kids are beginning to lose their patience.  We had breakfast at 5am, grapes and cheese on the plane, and goldfish in baggage claim.  They are starving, and we're waiting in another line to get the rental car shuttle.
3:30pm- Arrive at the rental car center.  I find the National counter, and they direct me back to where I was.  My back is killing me, and I'm fighting mental exhaustion.
3:50pm- We finally make it out with our rental car.  I call Amelia to tell her we are on the way.  Miss my exit.
4:00pm- I find the right road, and we head to LaGrange. 
5:00pm- We pull into Amelia's driveway.  We're hungry and exhausted but thrilled to be here.
8:00pm- Put the kids in bed and head to WalMart to get stuff we need until our bags arrive.  I've never been more thrilled to see WalMart in my whole life. 
11:30pm- Collapse into bed.  I'm so aware that the Lord was with us the entire time, and I'm just beginning to understand how vital Tony is to our family.  I've proven I can do this by myself.  I just don't want to.
**1:00am Wednesday, July 4th- My missing bag arrives.


Anonymous said…
You handled all that wayyy better than I would have. I think I would have busted into tears a few time.

Glad you made it to and from safe and sound. :)

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