Bonus Post...

Y'all.  Coralynn walked in the room just as I was publishing the last blog.  This was too fabulous to ignore, so I just published it 4 hours later.

Bits: (excited, happy voice) Mom.  You are totally going to freak out when you hear this.
Me:  Ooooohh, tell me!
Bits: I'm in love with someone.
Me:  You are!  (trying not to get preachy on the innocent 5-year-old)  What makes you be in love with him?
Bits: (oozing with ooze) He's so cute!
Me:  (dying laughing on the inside- cool and calm on the outside)  Is he in love with you?
Bits:  (suddenly very serious)  No.  He pretty much hates me.
Me: (dying laughing on the outside but acting very concerned)  Oh no!  Why do you say that?
Bits:  Because when I sit by him he does this...

I'm pretty sure I haven't laughed that hard in YEARS.


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