2 for 1

Yesterday's picture which you can file under "Issues of the Brilliant":

When Carson thinks, Carson rubs a pen on his back.  When Carson thinks while holding a 2-ended Sharpie, Carson accidentally takes off the lid and rubs the Sharpie on his back leaving a huge pen stain on his back.  This is day 4.  He may have tattooed himself.

Today's picture is brought to you by Camilla, AKA The Child Made to Love Well,


I subbed today, but I got up later than I should have.  I was running late, so I asked Camilla to throw a frozen burrito in a lunch box for me.  The napkin was a fun surprise I didn't expect but was pleased to receive.

(quick edit: another blog will be posted at 7 tonight.  You'll want to see it.)


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