Welcome to November!!

It is the first Saturday in November, and I'm still trying to get caught up on life in October!  I promised myself that we were not going to be as busy this year as we were last year, but apparently that was just wishful thinking!

Between the cruise, Tony's birthday, a youth retreat and normal life, the blog has fallen by the wayside.  Again.  But, November we're going to refocus on keeping the blog updated because so much is happening!  Please join us in praying about what the Lord would have us do after we finish our time in Panama.  There have been so many twists and turns in that journey that we certainly appreciate prayers for straight paths!!

One "new" thing we started this fall was giving the kids an allowance.  I've always been opposed to allowances for a myriad of reasons, but, for a different myriad of reasons, we decided it was time for them to start managing their own money.  Allowances began in September, and I have been mostly pleased with the decision- though I remain philosophically opposed.  ;)

Chloe has particularly shown an interest in money management even setting up her own Excel spreadsheet budget.  We made the decision that she was ready for greater financial responsibility, so I'm excited to say that starting this month, Chloe is in charge of our dining budget.  She'll get to determine when we eat out and where we go based on the money we have at the moment.  I look forward to seeing how the rest of the family (myself included) respond to Chloe's new leadership role.  I'll keep you posted!

Enjoy your first weekend in November 2013!  I pray that Lord shows Himself in new ways to you as we march toward the end of the year!  God bless!  (and, Lord willing, I'll talk to you again SOON!)


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