Happy Thanksgiving!!

I pray that everyone is having an amazing day of gratitude!!

My day started out with a trip to the gym- trying to get this body back in shape!  While I was fighting against the treadmill, I pondered thankfulness.  What am I most thankful for this holiday season?  Hmm...

Yesterday, I had the privilege to share at the Christian school's chapel.  I get to do this about twice a month, and it is the highlight of the week for me.  Yesterday, we talked about giving thanks in *all* things. (I Thess 5:18) Both the good things and the bad should lead us to gratitude.  I told the kids that thankfulness can come from the realization that all things work together for our good.  (Romans 8:28)

Still on the treadmill, I pondered that truth.  All things work together for our good.  Even the bad things.  What am I thankful for?  Hmm...

12 years ago, we told our families that we were expecting our first baby.  Baby Chloe was just a few gestational weeks old, but we were already so thankful for her life.

Running and walking and pondering.  Chloe.  You know how some people just seem to live charmed life without issues or struggles?  And you know how some people seem to get one battle to fight after another?  Well, Chloe is the latter.  Sweet and innocent, Chloe seems to face more than her share of obstacles.  In Georgia, her life was charmed.  She had a good friend.  She had mentors.  She was happy and settled.

Then, we moved to Panama.  Friendships alluded her.  She lost her mentors and her security.

Then, the Lord brought Miss Abby into her life.  She finally had someone to go to and chat.  She began to make a few friends.

Then, Miss Abby moved.  And, we started homeschooling, and her friendships waivered.

Then, the Lord brought Mrs. Lisa C into her life through youth group.  Chloe began to feel connected.

Then, Mrs. Lisa moved.  Chloe began to wonder why everyone kept moving.

Then, Miss Jana became her small group leader, and Miss D chose to invest in Chloe's life.  A new girl also joined the youth group.  And, Chloe got to know some of the other kids better.  Friendships are beginning.

Now, Chloe is beginning to regain her support system that she so badly desires.

And, me, well I know what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Thank you, Jesus, for never leaving Chloe alone.  Thank you that you've always put people in her life to walk with her.  We know that they don't always stay forever, but we are thankful that you are faithful to always give her someone.


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