A Month of Thankfulness?

As anyone who spends anytime on social media knows, November is the month of giving daily thanks.  I sit down to facebook and read all that people are thankful for each day.  At first glance, I love this "tradition."  We all need to spend more time in gratitude.  But as I read the lists of praises, I begin to question whether this exercise in thankfulness has become an opportunity to one-up each other.  Not unlike some people's Christmas letters feel like an attempt to prove that one's life is more blessed, more significant, more more than someone else's life, are these praises really just about making us feeling better about ourselves?  I'm confident that most people truly are simply thankful and want to share in this month of thanks, but everyone?  I don't know.  Does it matter?  I don't know that one, either.

I do know, however, that I want to be part of praising the Lord.  Not because of a trend or a tradition.  Not because of what He's given me- because I deserve none of it- but because of Whom He is.  In that context, here is my singular contribution (for now) to the month of thankfulness. 

October 11, 2013. 

Yes, my praise goes back that far...

October 11, 2013, I was sitting aboard a Copa airlines' flight to Miami International Airport.  And I was nervous.  The US government was in the middle of its shutdown, and I wasn't sure how that would affect customs and TSA.  I was anxious about getting through passport control, baggage claim, customs, finding our transfer, getting to the port, boarding the ship, and finding our friends.

As the flight began it's landing procedures, I was explaining to Jesus how nervous I was.  I felt the voice say, I've got this.  I'm in your tomorrows.

Great, Holy Spirit!  Thanks!  I feel better!

I've got this.  I'm in your tomorrows.

Yep, I got it, Jesus.  Here we come Bahamas!

I've got this.  I'm in your tomorrows.

Okay.  We're not talking about this flight-TSA thing anymore are we?

I've got this.  I'm in your tomorrows.

Nope, this isn't a travel thing.  Should I tell Tony?

*I hear nothing, but my heart starts to race.  This is my typical reaction to the Holy Spirit's moving in my life.  Some people get goosebumps, I get heart palpitations.  We refer to as "stroking out."*

Okay, I'll tell Tony.

"Hey, Tony."

Tony looks up from whatever he's been reading for the flight.

"God's got this.  He's in our tomorrows."

Tony, looking a little confused, "okay.  Thanks."

*Stroking out feeling passes.*

We get off the plane and go through the regular passport control and baggage claim processes.  Unfortunately, our paperwork is off so we have to go to the "other" room to talk with someone.  Tony asks me if this is what God is talking about.  Could be.  I don't know.

We make it out of the other room with no problem and head down to the Carnival Cruise desk.  The entire process is smooth, and we sit down to wait for the transfer to the port.  We decide to check our phones one last time before we have no service.

I happily chat with Chloe, and I assume Tony is doing whatever Tony does when he checks his phone. 

My happy vacation mood is paused by the sound of Tony's voice.  "I never should have checked my work email."

I look up.  He is handing me his phone, but all I can see is how pale he looks.

I take the phone and begin to read the email.  The more I read the fewer words I see. 

"international services"

 "payroll mistake"

"deduction not taken"

"money owed"

I look back up at Tony.  "Are they talking about that deduction we were confused about in 2011?  I thought we checked with them, and they said everything was right?"

He shrugs his shoulders.  "I guess it wasn't right."

I keep reading the email.

I look up again.  "We owe that much money?  Like $40k?"

He just nods.

I've got this.  I'm in your tomorrows.

"Hey Tony, God's got this.  He's in our tomorrows."

 I've got this.  I'm in your tomorrows.

We spend a few minutes discussing the email.  We get on the bus, and we spend the 20 minute trip discussing the email.  We step off the bus, and Tony looks at me.

"Lis, God's got this.  He's in our tomorrows."

I just smile.  We walk onto the boat and begin our amazing weekend.


Jesus, thank You for speaking to me!  Thank You for teaching me how to hear You!  Thank You for being in all our (mine and everyone else's) tomorrows!


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