Quotation of the Morning

Coralynn, after seeing her old infant carrier carseat in my closet:  Momma, dat my seat por bee-bees?
Me:  Yes.  You are Momma's baby, and that was your seat.
Bits:  I not tur bee-bee.  I da big durl.
Me:  Okay.  Your Momma's big girl.
Bits:  I put my bee-bees in it?
Me:  Nope.  It's not a toy.

*I go back to getting ready for the day.*

Bits:  Momma, I get married, and den I put my bee-bees in it?
Me:  Sure, Baby.  You can put your babies in it.

Sweet Jesus, thank you for this precious big girl!  Keep her close to You, and grow her into a Momma that loves You!


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