My Least Favorite Souvenir... and other bad news.

(okay.  Not bad news, but less desirable news.)

Our trips to the States always include a trip to the pediatrician.  We love Dr. Lisa, and we look forward to seeing her.  (especially if there are no necessary shots- bummer this year!)  We spent 2 hours with our favorite ped, and all in all, I have healthy kids.  Yay for that!

The not-so-yay part came in when Dr. Lisa was trying to talk to Coralynn.  The conversation motivated Dr. Lisa to suggest a speech evaluation.  Now, I knew this was coming, but I still didn't want to hear it.  I agreed, and the next afternoon Coralynn and I headed to see the speech therapist.

At the end of the evaluation, the therapist said that anything above the 50th percentile would count as average and acceptable.  Drum roll, please.  Coralynn scored a 7.  That, for my non-math friends, is less than 50.

Big time fail.

At let's be honest here.  I did not cry.  Until I got in the car.  And then I bawled.  Like ugly face crying in the van while my perfectly happy, completely unintelligible toddler watched Dora.

Since then, we've contacted a speech therapist in Panama.  We're hoping to hear back from her shortly.  I'd appreciate prayers for that situation.


After church on Sunday (before we flew out on Monday), we had dinner with dear friends.  I'm telling you- I love these people.  It was a great time.  Until Camilla got stung by a yellow jacket.  For those of you with impeccable memories, you will recall that Camilla was stung by a yellow jacket last year when we were in Georgia.  (For those with failing memories, last year, Camilla was stung by a yellow jacket.)  Last year, she cried.  This year, she cried and got a rash running up her arm and her finger started to swell.  My friend, who is about as anti-medical establishment as anyone I know, suggested I call Dr. Lisa.

I did.

And, now I get to carry the world's worst souvenir- the EpiPen Jr.   We aren't positive Camilla has a severe-enough bee sting allergy to warrant the EpiPen, but we decided that the traffic conditions in Panama warrant us carrying it.

There you have it.  The less great review from the trip.  Stay tuned for tomorrow for more fun news from our United States Summer Vacation...


Amanda Moore said…
having been a speech therapist and having had now 2 kids needing services, let me assure you speech is about the most fun thing to pop up in the ups and downs that are a child's education/ growth. speech work with kids this age is incredibly successful and QUICK! We don't make promises but you won't know the kid has "been in speech therapy". you'll think she's gone to her best friend's house. For real, not lying. i know the whole "speech therapy in panama" thing is probably the most overwhelming bit but my guess is this is very do able. Chin up buttercup:)

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