A Fly On the Wall

The conversation I overheard yesterday afternoon between my oldest and youngest.  Chloe was reading a book, and Coralynn came up to her initiating the conversation:

Bits:  Row-e you paint wit me.  (Chloe, you paint with me.)
Chloe:  What?  No, I don't want to paint.
Bits.  Yes, row-e, dew'u paint! (Yes, Chloe, you paint!)
Chloe:  (Aware that we have no supplies) What are we even going to paint?
Bits:  Pictures.
Chloe: No, Bits, what are we going to paint with?
Bits: With Toralyn Mae.  (With Coralynn Mae)

And this, my friends, is why you never enter a conversation with Bits.


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