Basketball Camp!

Carson loves playing basketball.  LOVES it.  He wants so badly to play NCAA Division 1 ball when he gets to college (while he's earning a degree to become a math teacher).  We decided to send him to the University of Illinois' basketball camp.  After signing him up as a commuter, we discovered that he needed to be there at 8:30am and it finished around 9pm.  That would make for a long day for everyone involved!  I did some checking and discovered that my high school did a 2-hour, 5-day mini-basketball camp.  This sounded like a much better option for this year.  He agreed to the change, and we signed him up.


He enjoyed himself but didn't have all that much to share about the experience.  I thought that was that.  Then, he came from the last day of camp, Friday.

"Hey, Mom.  They gave out awards for the championship team." 
"Cool, son."  (He had told us that his team was already out of the "tourney."

Tony, looking annoyed at both of us, chimes in, "Tell Mom what else they did." 

Carson, looking annoyed at Tony, replies, "They also gave out two other awards.  One for Mr. Defense and one for Mr. Hustle."
"Cool, son." 
"Mom, I got Mr. Hustle."  

Apparently, Mr. Hustle goes to the camper with a great, encouraging attitude who shows good sportsmanship all week.  Cue proud Momma. 


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