4th of July!

My absolute favorite holiday is 4th of July!  I've always loved it, and now that we don't really celebrate any other holidays, it's all the more reason to love the Fourth!   We spent the day shopping during a monsoon.  Ok, it wasn't really a monsoon, but my shoes don't care to hear the difference!  After we got back home, dried ourselves off, and had dinner, it was Sparkler time!

(This is where I must interject with my sad childhood experience of never being allowed to do sparklers.  Blame it on overprotective parenting or dislike of late nights, no sparklers for us.  After much time and consideration of the matter, I've been able to move on.  But just barely.)

I bought 3 boxes of Sparklers, and we went out to do our sparkler thing!

Because my mom is ready to fall out just viewing this picture, I feel the need to note that Coralynn never held a lit sparkler.  I also feel the need to point out that she never held a sparkler because she wouldn't take it from my hand.  My mother feels the need to mention that Coralynn must be smarter than I am.  ;)


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