St. Louis!

Monday night, we headed to St. Louis for what was supposed to be sightseeing and baseball.  What it ended up being was flash flood warnings and rain delays, but we still had a great time!

The Gateway Arch- on a very rainy day!

Instead of wandering around in the rain, we headed to Union Station for some inside fun.  Although Union Station is a sad version of its former self, we still found some stores to visit. 

The Fudgery is one the St. Louis landmarks of my memory.  I'll never forget the crowd forming as the employees worked the molten chocolate into fudge.  They sang as the crowd cheered.   Watching Coralynn stand in awe of the scene certainly touched my heart. 

(See the chocolate "Arch" in the background?)

We headed to the ballpark and spent the next few hours avoiding the downpour.  Coralynn and Camilla both decided on a Build-A-Bear ballpark souvenir.

Coralynn got a baseball bear, and Camilla chose the Clydesdale.

About 2 hours after the original game time, the rain let up, and the game was able to start! 

Go Cards!

The view from our seats! 

Coralynn loves her Build-A-Bear, Genevieve!

My momma and me!

Because the game was so delayed, we decided to leave a little early.  Coralynn didn't wait until we got in the car to start her sleep!

Love these guys!

The Family Picture- with a sleeping Coralynn!


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