Does It Ever Just Hit You?

I'm not sure why, but it just hit me today.

Maybe it's being in my hometown.

Maybe it's all the family photos on the walls.

Maybe it's finally having the opportunity to sit and think.

Maybe it's spending all my time with her precious self.

Whatever the cause, I'm completely overwhelmed with the fact that Coralynn is growing up.

Big girls lay on the floor and color. 
Big girls run around the yard playing kick ball.
Big girls ask for their princess skirts so they can dance and sing to worship music on youtube.
And, I'm struck tonight by how much I love this child.  Truly, I am blessed that she calls me "Momma."  Getting to live life through her eyes makes my life complete.
Sometimes, it just hits you.
(In case you want to put on your princess skirt and worship with Coralynn, here's her favorite song.)


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