Last Day.

Here are the rest of the pictures and some more of the emotion...

I volunteered in 3rd grade this year with a program called Battle of the Books.  Kids read all the books on a list, and then compete against other schools.  Yesterday, the last day of school, we had the competition, and we won!!  It was so much fun watching these 12 kids (and the rest of their classmates) celebrate an academic victory.  I was so proud of all their hardwork!!

Best Friends!
Oh my.  There just isn't enough space to describe the evolution of this friendship.  There just isn't.  I love both of these girls so much.  This is a picture of forgiveness, patience, grace, and mercy. 

I have no words for this picture.  I just love it.
Yes, we are choosing to remove our kids from the school, but we have no doubt that our children were loved.  And are loved.  This is Camilla's first grade teacher, and it was her first year teaching at the school.  This class has several children not returning in the Fall, and Miss M. was clearly struggling with the goodbyes.  There is nothing more comforting as a mom than knowing that Camilla spent the year with someone who loved her.


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