Lots of emotion.

Today was the last day of the school year.  It's also the last day my kids, Lord willing, are going to attend a traditional school.  I can't begin to describe the host of emotions that hit me today.  The kids also have friends who are moving from Panama so it was a super emotional day.  I really wanted to write it all out.  Get it all out on the table, but I'm just spent.  Instead, I'll share some pictures and thoughts from the last few days.  Deal?

Wednesday was Honor's Chapel, and Camilla received an award for excellence in behavior all 4 quarters. 

Carson received awards for high honor roll all 4 quarters and excellence in behavior.

Chloe also received the excellence in behavior award and honor roll for all 4 quarters.  I mentioned to the kids that I look forward to seeing their excellence in behavior when we home school next year.  Carson mentioned that everything that happens in normal schools doesn't happen in home schools. 

Also at chapel on Wednesday, Miss Spencer prayed over the kids who aren't returning to the school next year.  It was a sweet time of remembering that the Lord has a plan for each of these precious lives.

Miss Spencer and Chloe.
Another blog for another day.  My emotions can't take it right now.
We headed out to a celebratory dinner after school on Wednesday. 
My oldest and my youngest. 
 I've said before that the 8-year age difference used to concern me.  Not anymore.  These two will always be besties.

Carson does enjoy the hair spike. 
I can't begin to describe the changes that have taken place in this child this year.  Again, it's another blog for a different day.  Just know that the Lord moves in children's lives.  He moves mightily.

I am convinced that 4 years is the hardest age gap to overcome between siblings, but these two have made great strides.  Camilla Rose is the most innocent child I have ever met.  She sees the good in everyone, cherishes every moment, and delights in everything. 

Okay.  So I was going to post this all as one blog.  It needs to be two.  The next one will be up in the morning.  Love you all.


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