The Zoo!

This was another "first" that we tried when our friends were here.  They were interested in seeing eagles, and Carson remembered seeing them when he came with a friend.  For the rest of us, this was our first trip to Summit Zoo.  We all thought it was pretty cool.  (except for Chloe who feels that zoos are sad because everybody needs a family- I have no idea where she gets that.  Um.  From me.  That's right.  She has the group-hug gene.  I got it from my mom who got it from her mom.  Not sure where Grandma I got it. I'm running a rabbit trail now.  Aren't I?)

So, without further adieu, here are the pictures from the zoo (with helpful comments):


Pretty Bird!


Water line!

The group on the bridge with the free-roaming crocodile.
Yes, indeed, there was absolutely nothing to stop me from walking up to the crocodile or it coming over to me!

Me and the Love of My Life!

Camilla and Daddy!


Stopping to Smell the Flowers!

Measuring wingspans- Bits!







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