Photo Review of the Weekend.

Friday we went to a friend's wedding:
Coralynn Mae

Chloe Marie

Coralynn and Mommy
(I promised I'm dressed.  Strapless and close cropping don't go very well together.)

I'm always looking to hold a baby.  I had cuddled with baby Caleb (love a C name!) for about an hour when Coralynn decided she needed a turn.  She held him for a few moments and then announced, "he too wittle, Momma."
On Saturday,
Tony and the big kids headed out for an overnight campout birthday party. 
Camilla found some clay in the cupboard, and the little girls played for hours:

Sunday, Tony and the kids arrived about 3pm, and then we settled in for the Super Bowl.  No pictures taken because I was so glad to have everyone back!!
Monday- Super Bowl Clean-up:
My dryer is still broken.  It's been a month.  I'm growing fond of drying racks.

Sick day!

Carson ended up staying home from school today because of a nasty allergy cough.


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