The Causeway, a Run, and Coralynn Mae

 While our friends were here, we enjoyed a morning walk on the Causeway.  The Causeway is my favorite place to walk because of the beautiful views, fresh breezes, and calm mornings.  I love telling Carson he can run, and then watching him take off for who knows where.  For Carson, running is a primal need.  It makes me think of what would happen if you opened the cages at the zoo and just let the animals run.  Run like they've also desired to do.  With total freedom.  He runs, and then we catch up with him and ask him when he was giong to stop.  He looks at us with total confusion on his face.  Stopping was never part of the equation.  It was just about the running. 

While Carson was running, I got to take some pictures of my favorite Bits.  Have I mentioned lately how blessed I am to be this kid's mom?  Sometime, maybe on her upcoming birthday, I'll go through the thought process of how much this child means to me, but for now, I leave you with her smiling face as she enjoys living life.




Elizabeth said…
Love me some Bits! And I love what the Lord brings our way through our children!

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