There Shall Be Showers of Blessings..

(yep, I don't like that song, either.  If someone could suggest a blessing song I do like, that would be great!)

Time for this week's Wednesday 7- a weekly reminder of the blessing in the storm!!

~My mom had easy travel back to IL.  Considering the 11-hour adventure she had getting here, this is a true praise!

~ We had a great meeting with the Pastor!!

~Great Sunday morning service!  This church, which I'm sure has many flaws that we just haven't found yet, understands the unity of the body.  No seperate services based on age, language, music preference, Bible translation, dress code, etc.  3 identical services because space doesn't allow for one huge unfiied service.  I can't begin to describe the blessing of singing together one verse in Spanish, one verse in English without a pause in between.  Getting over myself (and ourselves) to worship the Lord together is priceless.

~No ticket written by the police officer!  (see earlier post for info)

~A sweet gesture made to a dear friend by a dear mentor for the benefit of our friendship!!  I am touched beyond measure by the secret generosity of others!

~The gift of having everything comfortable ripped from me.  I have always been a transparent person.  This experience is God openly ripping down my strongholds and replacing them with His righteousness.  It's slow.  It's ugly.  It's painful.  It's eternally rewarding.

~Chloe's sweet LaGrange friendship and for skype allowing it to continue.  Let me tell you, it is something special to listen to a couple of 9yos (well 1- 9yr old and 1- 8 yr old) talk on skype.  It is a verbal example of falling comfortably into your safe place.   It's beautiful and only possible in Christ.

(and an extra because I worked out for over an hour and have all kinds of happy hormones running through my body- I'm blessed by your comments and friendships.  Thank you.)


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