Praise Him! Praise Him! The "I Know" Edition

Seems to me there are 2 options with God.  You either feel His presence, or you know He's there.  Today, we're settling for the I Know.  I'm not sure if it's culture shock or stress or exhaustion, but I'm not feeling much of anything these days.  I'm numb.  And to be honest, it's not my favorite place to be.  Regardless, there will be 7 praises to report because it is Wednesday.  And I don't need to feel it to know it.

The Weekly 7

~The Bits has gotten very un-bitty.  She's growing great.  I look forward to having her weighed so we can officially call her Tank.  (She'll always be my Bits!)

~The dining room, family room, and kitchen are completely unpacked and usable.

~We have the van title in our name and the insurance process is in the works.

~I discovered last night that they have proper thunder and lightning storms in Panama.  This was a source of great frustration to me in Georgia.  They don't have proper Midwestern thunderstorms in Georgia (even though they get tornadoes and the like).  Apparently, Panama has proper Great Plains thunderstorms without the Plains.  Go figure!!

~My brother and his wife celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary and Grandma celebrated her 83rd birthday.  Special milestones for special people!

~I found American-made Caffeine Free Pepsi.  The Israelites may have had manna from Heaven, but I'll take my c/f Pepsi!

~I finally have clean floors.  My favorite going-away present, the Rubbermaid Reveal mop, was on the sea shipment.  I was thrilled to finally get it so I could clean the 3000sq ft of tile floors we have!!  The Bits no longer looks like she's been crawling on a dirt road!

(and a bonus praise I just discoverd- My spell check is in English instead of Spanish!)


Steph said…
Sometimes we have to praise Him for what we know. Praising Him with you!
lizbeth321 said…
I'm so proud of the mopping! ;-) And thankful we always have reason to praise Him!

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