A Bonus: Foody Friday

(In honor of my pretend-even-though-she's-a-real-person-friend, Stephanie, who has a fabulous  food blog, I thought it would be fun to talk Panamanian food!)

For those of you who don't know this, my husband is a big fan of produce.  You know how some men get googly-eyes looking at bass boats or sports cars?  Well, that's Tony in a great produce aisle.  If you really want him happy, take him to a Farmer's Market.  Still too afraid to hit a local market, we went to the local upscale American expensive grocery store, Riba Smith.  I was at the produce counter having our items weighed when Tony walked up with the strangest product.  "Can we get this?" he asks like he is 5 and wants a puppy.  I look at the price.  "Sure, dear, what is it?"  He has no idea but is thrilled with his purchase.

We get home and do a google search to find out what it is.  According to google translate, it is an erasure.  ????  After more extensive google searching, we discover "raspadura" is unrefined pure sugar cane.  Tony is quite pleased.   He eats brown sugar with a spoon so this is perfect to him.  He takes a bite.  "Tastes like sugar cane."  Seems reasonable.

Further searching leads us to a recipe for Panamanian Lemonade - which of course is made with limes, but that's for another post.

You'll Need:
5 cups of water
1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (we used limes)
1/2 cup raspadura, chopped

1.  Bring a cup of water to a boil.  Add chopped raspadura and dissolve.

Chopped Raspadura

Water and Dissolved Raspadura

2.  While raspadura cools, juice enough limes to get 1 cup of juice.

For the record, it took us 10 limes to get enough juice.

3.  Combine rapsadura mixture, lime juice, and remaining water in lovely pitcher.  (Okay, it doesn't have to be lovely, but I'm into pretty right now.)

How's That for Some Nifty Photography!


4.  Serve chilled.

The Review:  I thought it was pretty good.  Tony really liked it.  I decided to add some passion fruit which made it perfecto!


Steph said…
Awesome! I totally get Tony's excitement in the produce aisle. Looking forward to more foodie posts. =)
Melissa said…
I have been known to get downright giddy in a good grocery store also, but it is usually over cheese, meat, and deli stuff...not produce so much. The fancy lemon er limeade sounds pretty yummy though.
lizbeth321 said…
It's the little things in life! ;-)

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