Easter Weekend Review!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Ours was distinctly different, but enjoyable.  Tony had Good Friday off so that was great.  We all like an extra day with Dad.  (To be honest, we are kind of dad junkies.  We fight over who gets to sit next to him, who he has to pay attention to, and who gets to meet him at the door.  For his part, Tony sits back in awe of the love that surrounds him.  Or he tells us to find something else to do.  Just depends on the day.)

So, we decided to head out for my favorite Dad's-got-a-day-off actvity.  Grocery shopping!!  No, seriously.  I love grocery stopping.  (Cue Carson:  Mom, you don't love it.  You really enjoy it.  Love is for people - Like me and God.)  We headed out about 10 and quickly realized something was off.  Not a car anywhere.  I'm naively thinking I've reached grocery-shopper Nirvana: well-stocked shelves and no crowds.  Tony, the astute one of the expedition, has a clearer picture.  "Lisa, I bet they're closed today."  Oh.  That's probably it.  He was right so we came home and took the rental car back instead.  It had a flat tire.  The long-term blog readers are not surprised.

We went to church at 4:00 on Good Friday.  It was a neat service that we all enjoyed.  We sat on the floor to watch the presentation. 

The kids in their Good Friday finery.  Even their eyes match their outfits!

Although I again felt like a criminal, I went ahead and videotaped a few portions of the service.   I'm hoping this gives y'all a touch of the experience of worshipping bilingually. 

Saturday, we finally made it to the grocery store and PriceSmart.  A grand time was had by all.  We cleaned and emptied boxes the rest of the time.  And I made a meal with my groceries and my pots and pans.  Much excitement!  After dinner, we dyed our brown eggs.  I was quite concerned that the eggs wouldn't turn out well, but they were BEAUTIFUL!!  I love (Cue Carson's lecture again) warm-toned colors so they were perfect for me.

Easter Sunday we attended the 7:30 am service.  In my mind, this was a great idea.  Everyone was up and ready to go and looking great!!!

The only problem was that I was so tired I couldn't focus on the service.  From what my family tells me, it was a great service. (Any really, any service focused on the Truth of the Resurrection could not be bad!) We spent the rest of the day napping and swimming.  Could it get any better??? 


Awesome! Glad you guys had a great Easter. Love the video you posted.

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