Where to start? At the beginning.

So, the goal was to have the background information all on the blog before we ever moved.  um.  That didn't happen so I'm going to share a brief version of the timeline just so everyone can basically be on the same page!!!

October 6- We return from a wonderful family vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida.  We loved the time together!!!

October 7- Tony calls me in the morning- early.  His boss has come in to let him know that he is being considered for a position overseas.  The person who is asking about him has heard that we have had another baby and wants to know if we are still interested in an ISE (CAT-speak for moving overseas).  I ask Tony where- assuming England.  He says, "Panama."  I say, "Like the canal Panama?  Isn't that where the people who screw up your paychecks work??"  His response is something like yes, but no.  Thanks, honey.  Helpful.

October 26- I receive the R U awake text.  Tony calls and tells me has officially been offered the position, and it is effective February 1st..  He is clearly thrilled.  I stop breathing.

That was a Tuesday.  We spend the rest of the week praying and talking with our counselors and bffs-the Estes.  Tony grows more and more excited.  I regain the ability to breathe, but the lack of oxygen puts me in a haze.

October 31- We tell the kids that we are moving.  Camilla thinks we mean Florida.  Carson, after the initial 40 seconds of displeasure, is thrilled.  Chloe, after the initial 5 seconds of enthusiasm, is furious.  Coralynn wants to nurse.  We then call the parents.  Overall, they are ok.  My dad is so thankful that I'm not pregnant or moving to China  :-) that he immediately starts making travel plans- for Mom.

November 1- Tony offically calls and accepts the job.  Much joy in Catland- at least among those allowed to know. 

November 2- I pick up Mom from the airport.  We head to Kohl's- never in too much of a haze for shopping!!  While I'm standing in the women's clothing clearance, my phone rings.  Tony calling.  Everything is on hold.  Paperwork is off.  He has stopped breathing.  I start spinning.

Rest of November- waiting.

All of December- waiting.

January 3- Tony gets the official official offer and accepts.  Move date- early March.


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