Now to Now.

We are almost to the present day. 

March 9- Movers come to pack up our stuff.  I'm acutely aware that this is just stuff and has no true value in my life.  Those goodbyes will come later.  Denial ensues.  We move into a hotel.

March 11- Luncheon with a few people whom I have to tell exactly how they changed my life while I was in LaGrange.  These are my For-A-Time-Such-As-This Ladies.  Not necessarily people I spent the most time with, but people who picked my life up off of one path, and placed it on a better one.  Perhaps the greatest 90 minutes ever.

March 12- The house is completely empty.  Walking around it is surreal.  Seeing an empty baby's room with sweet Coralynn's name on the wall brings me to tears.

March 13- Carson's 7th birthday and our last Sunday at church.  Carson surprises us all by experiencing a PAINFUL goodbye.  None of us are expecting it, and everyone is stunned by the guttural reaction.  Chloe says goodbye to Libby.  I feel like I'm walking the Green Mile as I go to pick her up.  Amazingly, it goes well enough.  I'm relieved.  More goodbyes at church.  The real hurt is coming.

March 14- I get diagnosed with a UTI.  Seriously, God, now?  We spend the afternoon swimming with the Estes and then have dinner together.  The kids say their goodbyes.  It's touching.  We say good-bye to Mr. Shawn.   Hurt is full on - like going from an 8 to 10 during laobr.  There is no epidural for this transitioning, though.

March 15- Move day.  It's raining.  Fitting.  Run a few more errands.  All this feels like pointlessness.  Then, we say final goodbyes to more friends.  Thankful our husbands are there.  Keeps the drama down.  Go to Amelia's to load up the church van.  Everything fits.  Make it to the airport.  We look ridiculous with our 26 pieces of luggage, but all goes smoothly at ATL.  Say good-bye to Amelia.  Strangest sensation- overwhelmed with sadness and peace.  We are going to be friends forever.  Tears are for today only.  We will see each other soon.  I just know we will.  Flights, customs, and trip to hotel go smoothly- as only answered prayer could do.    Collapse into bed.

March 16- Denial didn't make it through customs.  This is really Panama.  And we really live here now.  Blissful times in the hotel.  Sickening times as we try to accomplish something.  Anything.

March 19- Move into our apartment.  I'm back to numb.

March 22- Tony takes Coralynn to the ER.  She has pneuomia.  Of course.

March 23- Chloe is near panic that Libby has forgotten her.  Despite my attempts to reassure her, she is falling fast.

March 24- Finally get internet again.  Emphasis on finally.  We also get a rental vehicle so I'm not stuck at home.  Amazing the things that give you hope.

TODAY-  Camilla finished a Mario Kart race in 9th place.   This is her first non-last-place finish.  Here's praying the the winds are changing for all of us!!


Anonymous said…
Hugs and Lots of LOVE! Folding some Amstutz hand me downs and thinking of you all. Tell Camilla Charlie got his cast off :)
LynneD said…
Oh Lisa....I can't possibly empathize but I can certainly pray for this is hard enough in the states; but I cannot imagine having to go thru true culture shock in a foreign land....please contact the Mavars, Mark and Carol -- they are SUPER and I personally know that they will WANT to help in any way possible, having been there for many years now.
Their address is APDO 0843-00136, Panama; phone is 011-507-316-1499. Tell them I sent you!

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