Count Your Blessings...

(okay.  Just for the record, I hate that song.  It gets on my nerves quickly.)

Time for the Wednesday 7- a weekly listing of blessings and a chance to remember how blessed we are despite how circumstances make us feel.

~4 beautiful happy mostly healthy kids.

~Dear friends who still love me and encourage me to make new friends.  Friends who tell me they miss me and allow me to miss them.

~A husband who works hard to provide for our family while realizing God's ultimate provision.

~The gift of culture shock.  Hear me out, people.  I get to be completely aware that my life is completely different.  There is no illusion, no something feels off, no pretending.  This is way different, and I have only two choices.  I can either step up to the challenge or go back to bed.

~I chose to get out of bed today.

~A great mall close by that makes me feel like I get a break from all the different.

~Skype.  Seriously, how did/do people live without it in these situations?

~The biggest blessing- the opportunity to learn that a lot of little blessings can last you farther than you ever realized.


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