Can you say "comfort zone"?

Rule Numero Uno when moving to a foreign country:  Find something familiar and run with it.  For me it's my favorite combination of eating and shopping.  So today, we went to the mall.  But in the name of daring and adventure, we tried a mall we had never been to.  Ooooohhhh.  Be impressed.  Yes, indeed, the kids, Grandma, and I hit the road.  We not only found the mall, but we found it on the first try!

After some shopping, we decided to check out the food court.  Kids got ice cream, Grandma got cookies, and I got una limonada.  (such a local I am!)  I have been working with the kids that we can't make fools out of oursleves or behave in a manner unflaterring to Americans.  Today, we got over ourselves.  I managed to take pictures of us eating, and, to prove the foolishness of the A. family, the kids danced like, well, like kids to the music and light show in the food court.  By the time we left, there was no question everyone in the food court was staring at us- with smiles. 

Restrained and behaved is good.  FINALLY hearing the kids laugh uncontrollably is better!

                                                      The kids and their ice cream.

                                                                 The very happy Bits!

                                                                        Una limonada.

                                                      Breaking loose with our moves!


AWESOME!! I love their dance moves!

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